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Create the engine with AWS Connect and implement it into your website with our chatbot UI.

Conversational Bots


Conversational AI, Virtual Assistance and the use of chatbots are on the rise today. The terminology can be confusing and so it is important to understand the differences in order to determine what is best for your customers. Understanding how customers interact with your business and their preferences for engagement are a must. We help you to create the chatbot using Aws Connect shortly.

Our Services


Custom Design

Omni Chatbox lets you design your own chatbox to fit your site or application in an elegant and personalized way.

Easy Integration

Configure the AWS Connect credentials and publish your chatbox. In 10 mintuse It's running on your website.

Engine Development

If you don't have your own engine, please don't worry. We can help you to create the bot engine to fit your business.



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  • Unlimited Projects
  • Customize the UX/UI(full)
  • Support the chatbot Engine
  • Support Analytics


  • Unlimited Projects
  • Customize the UX/UI(full)
  • Support Analytics


  • Up to 1 project
  • Customize the UX/UI(general)
  • 15 days trial

Need help to create your custom chatbot for your business?

We can help you to create your own chatbot to fit your business and support additional options to customize your bot.

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